Modern lives are clearly pushing the human mind to its limits. Balancing work and family and all the pressure of things can feel overwhelming and can start to cause anxiety.

Luckily science has now began to open up and explore what was once looked at as a pseudo science. Mindfulness was specifically developed to try and combat anxiety and the stress and strains of modern life.

Will Mindfulness Help My Anxiety

Mindfulness will help with your anxiety. As with other meditation techniques, mindfulness was once seen as a waste of time; a weird myth that doesn’t work. Luckily science is catching up and as anxiety becomes more and more of a problem for more people science and medicine is looking at mindfulness techniques as alternatives or additions to other treatments.

Mindfulness is now generally seen as a great technique to combat anxiety and other mental health issues and it is being used by medical practitioners world wide because it is found to be so effective.

Maybe you don’t have an anxiety disorder but mindfulness can be just a great tool to maybe calm yourself down and collect your thoughts.

Why Mindfulness is Good for Anxiety

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It is a focused meditation technique that forces you to try and focus on the now. It calms a busy mind and allows you to just observe the thoughts that are flowing through. There is no judgement of these thoughts, just watch them come and go and then bring you mind back to your point of focus on the present moment.

By focusing on the moment and not really worrying about the past or future your mind learns to assess things rather than acting instinctively. Mindfulness teaches you what emotions are causing what feelings and allows you to be a more rational person, deciding to react differently than you otherwise would.

How Mindfulness Helps Anxiety

Mindfulness changes your perspective on situations and alters the way your mind looks at thoughts, feelings and situations. You can now look at situations that in the past may have caused you anxiety; You look at them from a different perspective, simply because you are more mindful of what is going on in your body and your mind.

Can Mindfulness Make Anxiety Worse

No, mindfulness should not make anxiety worse. However, there are always exceptions. If you find it is making it worse you should seek professional counselling or advise.

How To Use Mindfulness To Ease Anxiety

The same general techniques for mindfulness can be applied to ease anxiety. The aim is to live in that moment and be mindful about what is happening in that moment. There are tried and tested techniques that have been developed over many years.

The first thing to appreciate is that the aim is not to clear your mind of thoughts, good or bad. The aim is to simply live only in that moment in time. To focus on that moment in time only.

It is difficult at first because you aren’t used to controlling your mind in this way. Usually you just let your mind wander and think about whatever the heck it wants to. The aim here is to pull your minds focus onto one thing and try and forget about other stuff.

There are lots of ways you can be mindful and you should try all the techniques until you find one that works for you but a good tried and tested technique that people seem to find easy is the Breathing technique.

We all breath so it seems sensible that we could all practice it. You watch your breath and focus entirely on it. If you want to try it we have outlined the technique in detail here – How to meditate like a monk.

Mindfulness takes practice so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see results the first few times you practice. Stick with it and you will start to see the benefits of mindfulness on anxiety.