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Schools Replacing Detention for Meditation

As time goes on it seems that punishment in schools is getting easier and easier on the pupils….And this is probably a good thing. caning and physical punishment didn’t seem to work and detention seems to do nothing to curb some students behaviour. Maybe it is time for a swift change in tactics.

Meditation and mindfulness is now becoming an effective way to stop tensions in schools and make pupils behave as they should.

Well as of last year a primary school in Baltimore, Maryland has decided that meditation and mindfulness is a good substitute for detention and is actually more effective.

Instead of staying behind and doing lines, the pupils of Robert W. Coleman Elementary School are now being told to sit and meditate!

They even have a specialist ‘meditation room’ which they have kitted out with stuffed animals and nice fluffy cushions. Its a far cry from the stark classroom of the detention days.

Unruly kids are sent to meditate in this room for 15 minutes instead of receiving a detention….The kids can even request to go there themselves if they want to.

But is it working? According to the school they haven’t suspended a single student in the last 12 months since the meditation program began. Its been so successful that they have even rolled it out in the nearby high school.

What do you think?

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  1. davo

    Hard to imagine that this actually works

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