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The Main Causes Of Stress At Work

Work is a major cause of stress for a lot of people. Lets face facts, nobody likes to work. If you love your job you are clearly in the minority.

But most of us have to spend most of our time at work so we need to find our zen in the workplace if we are going to stay happy and relaxed.

Symptoms of stress at work

There are loads of reasons why people find work stressful but first lets have a look at some of the symptoms.

  • Arriving late every day. This might piss you off as an employer but it could mean there are deeper problems….Maybe the guy just doesn’t want to be there
  • Making lots of uncharacteristic errors or forgetting things they would usually easily recall
  • Snapping at colleagues
  • Aggressive behavior
  • General grumpy attitude to things
  • Argumentative
  • Bad general health or hygiene

Obviously you shouldn’t just assume that someone is suffering just because they are having a bad day but if the same behavior crops up over and over then it might be time for a heart to heart to see if you can help.

Causes of stress at work

Work by itself is stressful and different people find different things hard but below we list some of the more common causes of stress in the workplace.

By the way, i didn’t just make these up, these are from the HSE website:

  • If someone can’t cope with the task they are given then the Demands of their job is causing them stress
  • People like to have a little control over what they do at work, if they have no Control then people generally find this a stressful situation
  • If people aren’t getting the Support they need to perform their job then that can be stressful
  • If the person is getting bullied or even just not enjoying the banter then their work Relationships can cause stress
  • If the person doesn’t really know what their Role is in the company or what their responsibilities are this can lead to stress at work
  • Change can cause stress at work. If the person isn’t kept informed of changes within the organisation then stress may be caused

Minimizing stress at work

Luckily there are ways you can prevent or minimise stress while at work. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Take your breaks….And then some if you need it
  • Create a nice place to work
  • Nobody should be bullied at work
  • Talk to your supervisor and other colleagues
  • Work less hours
  • Assess the pressure, is it real?
  • Whats the worse thing that will happen?
  • Cut down on caffeine
  • Build new friendships
  • Go for a walk on your break instead of sitting at your desk
  • Choose the right stress busting foods
  • Get more sleep (Not at work!)
  • Learn to prioritise
  • Don’t over commit
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Nobody is perfect, accept you make mistakes

Stress is very bad news. If all else fails, its time to move on, find another company and live a happier life.

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