Modern life is busy, its hectic and its a pain in the butt. Who doesn’t want to relax the mind??! Modern life seems to be designed to drive us insane. Money, deadlines and work pressure are all modern things that our old fashioned minds need to cope with.

Our monkey brains just aren’t equipped for all this!

Most people find it difficult to switch off and relax, so how can we calm things down a little bit. How can we relax our tiny minds?

Why Bother Trying, Do you Really need to Relax?

Everybody needs to relax. You might not even realise you are tense, but if you work for a living, have a family and have a computer, you probably are a little more stressed than you realise. Relaxation will make you feel better.

The human mind doesn’t take kindly to endless stress and no rest. Don’t ignore what you need, It needs the rest and relaxation time to recoup and stay healthy. High blood pressure is rarely a good thing. So how do you relax your mind?

Mind Relaxation For the Masses!

For many, relaxing your mind and switching off, even for a short time, can be difficult. It isn’t just finding the time either, some people simply don’t know how to switch off their mind and relax.

First, understand that there are two types of relaxation that are intrinsically linked. Physical relaxation is anything to do with your body and its muscles. Mental relaxation is taking the stress and strain away from your thoughts and emotions.

Physical relaxation

Most people can relax physically. You can sit in a chair or lie on a beach and you will be physically relaxing. But when you do this, are you actually relaxing all your muscles?

Take a minute to think about it next time you sit to relax. Are all your muscles relaxed or are you just sitting in a chair?

When you analyse what each muscle is doing, you’l probably find that most of you isn’t relaxed at all.

Scan your whole body and discover which muscles are actually still tensed. Its usually your face muscles or some other place you don’t often think about.

Physical relaxation is important because it has been shown to reduce stress and your mind gets used to what an un-tensed muscle feels like.

Progressive muscle relaxation and exercise such as yoga are a great way to relax your body entirely.

If you want to try progressive muscle relaxation, its easy. Lie comfortably and gradually relax every muscle in your body. But you need to do it consciously.

Just laying on the floor isn’t enough. You need to focus on each of your muscles and check they are relaxed. Start at you head and work your way down. Its amazing how many muscles you have in your face!

Mental relaxation

Mental relaxation is the process of calming your mind and stopping it from racing away and causing stress.

Your thoughts and emotions that have built up through the day cause tension in your mind. And tension in the mind actually can lead to physical problem like high blood pressure and bad immune system.

Your mind needs taming!

A great way to relieve tension and relax the mind is to meditate or practice mindfulness. Both are difficult at first, but worth the practice to get good results.

Relaxing the mind takes time so you need to set a little time each day to work on it.

Does Everyone’s Mind Race Like Mine?

Most peoples minds are racing. Whether they admit it or not, most people do not have control of their mind.

Optimism is key to relaxing

Mindfulness is a great way to try and clear your thoughts but another thing you could try to do it develop a more optimistic outlook on life.

To start developing a more optimistic look on things, just remember tomorrow is another day, this time is a small fraction of the rest of your life.