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How to Get Vitamin D and What are The Benefits

You might of heard of vitamin D but you probably don’t know much more about it. But really you may be missing out on something incredible. Lack of this essential stuff gets blamed for grumpiness, tears and arguments…And not just by me, there is actual science behind it!

What the Hell is Vitamin D???

It is something that your body produces when you go out in the sun but you can also get it from some foods…..And its not actually a vitamin at all. Vitamins are something you put into your body and cant be produced in there, but most people call it Vitamin d so…

…for the rest of this article we will carry on calling it a vitamin!

It is an essential vitamin that does all sorts of great things for your bones, teeth and other bits of your body and can actually help you fight off certain cancers. Its also known to effect your mood.

Benefits of Vitamin D

It doesn’t just have benefits, its actually essential to your bodies growth and development, but the main benefits of getting more of the sunshine goodness are obvious:

  • Better mood
  • More energy and less tiredness
  • Less infections and illness
  • Less muscle pains and aches

Symptoms when vitamin d is low

When should you start to worry? You might not even know if your vitamin d levels are low. There are certain symptoms that you can look for. Symptoms of low vitamin d:

  • tiredness
  • grumpiness
  • depression
  • ulcers in your mouth
  • more infections and getting ill more
  • joint pains
  • muscle pains

These are the main symptoms but you would need a serious deficiency to see anything but the tiredness and grumpiness.

Where vitamin d is found

Right, enough is enough, where can i get some vitamin d??

Luckily vitamin d is freely available here:

  • From the sun
  • From food
  • From expensive injections (probably)

How to get vitamin d from the sun

Luckily the sun can provide you with as much vitamin d as you need. Its a known fact that in the winter months in the northern hemisphere there is something called SAD….And this is caused by a lack of vitamin d because you don’t get enough sun in the winter months.

This might surprise the dimmer reader but the sun doesn’t actually beam vitamin d straight into your eyes. Your body reacts to the UV (from the sun) and generates vitamin d itself. Your body creates it from cholesterol.

Obviously you should usually wear sunscreen if you go out in the sun, but this will actually block your vitamin d processes. Factor 30 or above will actually top it dead.

To produce vitamin d your body needs to be exposed to direct sunlight. Clothes and sunscreen will prevent it.

Whats the best time for vitamin d from sun? When the sun is highest in the sky. Lunch time. And you don’t need to tan or burn, your body is very efficient at producing vitamin d. Depending where you live, you might only need 15 minutes a day.

Which foods give you vitamin d?

Don’t fancy sun bathing? The bad news is, you can’t really get enough vitamin d from your foods and you will likely need some sun time. The good news is there is no reason why you can’t top up your vitamin d with food.

Which foods have the most vitamin d? Fish has plenty of vitamin d along with fish and eggs but its also in orange juice and bread.

From the above, you could see that a cheese sandwich might be a good vitamin d option.

How much vitamin d do i need?

Not a lot is the answer….Obviously there is a scientific measurement but nobody really understands what the numbers are so its pointless.

The best option is to watch out for the symptoms that show a lack of vitamin d and then go expose your bare back to the sun for 10 minutes a day.

Vitamin d deficiency is extremely common because its very hard to get enough of it from diet alone. If you are feeling a little down and exhausted, just keep in mind, it might be a lack of vitamin d that is causing it.

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