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Feng Shui For More Energy and Extra Zen

Feng shui isn’t just about shifting your furniture around and hoping it feels better. Feng shui is about you being in harmony with your surroundings. Does this mean shifting your furniture around? Usually, yes!

This post is going to explore what feng shui is and whether it is total rubbish or actually has something behind it.

Whats the point of feng shui?

The point of feng shui is to ensure that you live in harmony with your surroundings. In modern times i suppose the point is to put all your furniture in the positions that feel right, look the most pleasing to the eye and make the space work in harmony with your lifestyle and living arrangements.

feng shui meaning

Feng shui literally means wind and water. But in ancient China feng shui aimed to ensure that people lived in harmony with their surroundings.

They believed they achieved this harmony by arranging things in the environment to positively affect energy flows around the home and through their lives.

feng shui principles and rules

Feng shui is all about positioning objects in your home in the correct place to affect energy flow. Anything that blocks the flow of energy, throw is out or move it somewhere else.

Clutter needs to go. Clutter and things you don’t love need to be removed from your home immediately.

Then there is the compass.

Feng shui compass

After the decluttering, basic feng shui relies on the compass to tell us which area of the home to improve for what:

  • North – Life path/Career
  • North East – Spiritual Growth/Self cultivation/Knowledge
  • East – Family/Health
  • South East – Self worth/Money/wealth
  • South – Social life/fame
  • South West – Love and Marriage/Relationships
  • West – Creativity/Kids
  • North West – Spiritual life/travel

By using the above compass and mapping out your home, the idea is that you will know which areas of your home are connected to which areas of your life.

Each of these areas has a color associated with it.

Feng shui colors

There are the five Feng shui elements, each represented by a color:

  1. East, South East – Wood : Green or Brown
  2. North East, South West – Earth : Light yellow, Light brown, Sandy
  3. South – Fire : Red, Orange, Purple, Pink
  4. West, North West – Metal : White, Grey
  5. North – Water : Blue, Black

The theory goes that by placing these colours in the correct areas of your home, can effect the flow of energy in those areas and get the best possible harmony.

Tips for feng shui bedroom

  • Have a solid headboard
  • Get a good mattress
  • Have an open bottomed bed so energy can flow underneath
  • push the bed as far from the door as you can
  • don’t put your bed under a window
  • Have a night stand on either side of the bed
  • Don’t have tech or mirrors facing your bed
  • Don’t have beams above your bed
  • No fish tanks in the bed room and no art above the bed
  • No plants or flowers
  • No clutter
  • Paint the room with fire colors (I don’t think this needs any further explanation!)
  • Soft lighting

Tips for feng shui living room

  • No clutter
  • Avoid putting your sofa under a window or a beam
  • Comfy sofa is a must
  • Position main sofa so you can see the main door
  • Water in the north side will bring wealth….An aquarium or even a picture of water
  • Candles and wood in the south
  • Fire place in south west if you can, will help love
  • Hang mirrors
  • Well lit and ventilated

Does feng shui actually make any difference?

Strangely it does seem to make a difference. Im not sure it will bring you extra wealth or lots of sex but it does certainly seem to make the Feng shui’d space a lot more pleasing to the soul.

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