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Can Anyone meditate?

Meditation seems to be becoming more and more popular. Everyone from doctors to tv shows are recommending meditation as a cure for almost anything.

But just how easy is it to meditate?

Can I start meditating today?

I think you can. But don’t expect complete enlightenment within 10 minutes. The thing i discovered, and the thing to keep in mind, is that results take at least 15 minutes!

I started trying to meditate a few weeks ago. First day i tried on my lunch break using the ‘watch your breath‘ method. Its simple but is supposed to be the easiest way to meditate. Didn’t really work for me. Wrote it down to having to many distractions at my desk and the chair wasn’t the best. Made a mental note to try again when i got home.

Unfortunately i forgot all about it that night and didn’t get chance to try again for a couple of days. This time i sat on my sofa, closed my eyes and started trying to concentrate on my breath. The aim with meditating is to try and live in that one moment, concentrate only on the breath….It was almost impossible! I think i may have managed ten seconds of focusing on the breath and then rogue thoughts started creeping in. Nothing dodgy just things like what I did today or things i needed to do next week or other random stuff. Its amazing how difficult it is to just focus on the darn breath!

It was frustrating at first because it really is difficult to take your mind back to the breathing and ignore other thoughts and ideas…I carried on trying every couple days though and I actually did get better. I found I could focus on the breathing, and only the breathing, for longer and longer periods as i practised more.

A major thing was to get rid of the distractions and move from the sofa to the floor. Sit still, comfortable and upright and breath normally. Probably took me three or four half hour sessions before i noticed that i was able to focus just on the breath for more than 30 seconds or so.

Meditation results

So what are the results of the meditation? Results are subtle. I have only been meditating for a few weeks so its hard to tell if i am seeing any benefits. I do seem to be noticing my emotions more but that could just be a co-incidence.

Am i calmer? Not really, but like i said, when i do get angry I find that i can analyse a little better why i am angry.

Do I have better focus? Not that I have noticed.

I am going to continue meditating for longer and longer periods and I plan to try other methods of meditation as time goes on.

Take from this what you will. Although I am saying i haven’t seen the results I thought, I really do enjoy the time when I meditate. If nothing else, its a peaceful half hour away from life!

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