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Questions About Stress!

Stress stress stress! Modern life seems to be becoming more and more stressful. Working lives are becoming harder with people wanting more and more out of you and family life is becoming even more difficult as people struggle with childcare and other family stuff.

People have questions! Below are all the questions we could find about stress and all the answers we try to ….. errr answer.

are stress balls good

Depends what you are talking about. Squeezing a stress ball has been shown to reduce stress marginally and can keep your brain busy for a few minutes while you calm down.

Some people swear by stress balls and use them for an immediate relief. It can relieve tension but isn’t usually a long term solution to stress.

Squeezing a stress ball will remind your muscles how to relax and will show the feeling you get from a relaxed body. Are stress balls any good? They aren’t bad!

are stress balls toxic

Some are, some aren’t. Do your research and make sure you buy a non-toxic one. If you buy in the UK or USA then they are probably not toxic but you should read the literature to make sure.

are stress headaches real

Stress headaches are real! They are sometimes called tension headaches….there isn’t actually much scientific proof for stress head aches but anyone who gets them knows for sure they exist and stress is clearly a trigger for headache and migraine.

Stress headaches are usually a dull pain, sometimes coming with a pulsing.

are stress balls poisonous

Stress balls are probably not poisonous but you should check the literature to make sure.

are stress balls good for arthritis

The Arthritis institure of America completed a study and found that stress balls are in fact good for arthritis and they do relieve pain.

Yoga is a better solution.

are stress and depression the same thing

No they are not the same thing although one can lead to the other and depression undoubtedly causes stress.

Depression is a more serious and long lasting infliction. Stress is usually short term and can be solved by removing or managing certain things from your life that are causing the stress.

can stress cause cancer

No, stress in itself does not cause cancer….However the things you might do if you are stressed can cause cancer like drinking, eating junk and smoking too much.

Stress can cause other illnesses however and it is rarely a good thing.

can stress cause vertigo

Yes, stress can cause vertigo. If you have been a vertigo sufferer in the past then stress can cause it to relapse.

And if it isn’t causing vertigo, some of the symptoms can be very similar.

can stress cause ibs

No, stress cannot cause IBS. Stress can cause symptoms very similar to IBS, such as grumbling tummy etc….Stress may however caused by problems with your immune system, that can cause IBS.

can stress cause a stroke

Stress can cause high blood pressure, which in turn does cause problems with your heart and circulatory system.

Stress in itself however does not cause strokes.

can stress cause spots

Stress causes changes in your bodies chemicals which make your skin more sensitive. Stress also lessens your skins ability to heal.

You will get more spots if you are stressed.

can stress kill you

Yes. If you are permanently stressed there is a good chance you will have a heart attack or suffer from another ailment.

Stress is bad for you.

can stress cause chest pain

Yes. Stress could bring on panic attacks, anxiety and possibly chest pains.

can stress cause thrush

Stress can weaken the immune system and could cause thrush….But you would have to be very stressed for a prolonged period.

can stress make you ill


can stress cause headaches

Yes, see above.

can stress cause dizziness

Stress can cause dizziness and confusion, but it should be short lived. If you are dizzy for any length of time or incredibly dizzy all at once you should see a doctor.

can stress cause weight loss

Yes, stress can lead to weight loss mainly due to loss of appetite….And in fact it is the one thing that most people agree on, stress does cause weight loss, but it can also go the other way and cause weight gain.

can stress cause back pain

Yes. Stress often causes you to tense up so can also lead to muscle aches.

can stress cause hives

Stress can cause hives or rashes.

can stress make you tired

Yes, it is another well known symptom of stress. With your body tensing and your mind working over time takes a lot of energy out of you.

can stress make you feel sick

Yes, extreme stress often makes people feel sick….Although they are rarely actually sick.

can stress cause diabetes

Not in itself. Stress causes changes in glucose levels which can effect people with diabetes.

can stress cause itching

Yes, stress can cause itchy rashes or even just random itching.

can stress cause bloating

Stress can trigger all sorts of physical problems and bloating and stomach issues can be one of the issues.

can stress cause constipation

Yes, see above.

will stress raise blood pressure

It can, long term stress can raise your blood pressure, sometimes to dangerous levels. This is why it is important to treat stress related problems.

will stress kill you

It can…

will stress hurt my baby

Its unlikely but if you are pregnant you should try and avoid stress for the good of you and your baby.

will stress delay period

It can do. Stress can effect all parts of your body including the reproductive parts.

These are the questions we’v had so far, feel free to comment below if you have any more.

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