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17 Easy Ways You Can Relax, Right Now!

A lot of people find it difficult to switch off after a long day at work….And then others seem to be able to relax at the flick of a switch. Whichever one you are here’s a few things you can do right now to relax and unwind.

  1. Listen to music. Music is scientifically proven to relax the mind and lower blood pressure. Obviously it depends what type of music you are listening to!
  2. Painting or drawing. Actually anything artistic that gets you involved and sucks you into that activity. Before you know it a couple of hours will have passed and you will feel like you have accomplished something, even if your drawing looks like a 5 year olds!
  3. Exercise. As you know we are great believers in Yoga on this website but any exercise is good and has been shown to produce happy inducing chemicals in your brain! Even a short walk can make you feel better.
  4. Take a bath. A nice warm bath (yes men as well!) is an incredibly relaxing experience. Get some bubbles in there as well.
  5. Write a book. OK maybe not a book, but writing is good to focus the mind and focusing on one thing is the aim of meditation and mindfulness so it seems obvious that writing will relax you and calm your mind.
  6. Have some herbal tea or warm milk.
  7. Eat something you like. Get those endorphins flowing with a LITTLE snack. A small bit of chocolate or a single sweet treat can do wonders for an instant pickup. A spoon full of honey has actually been show to reduce anxiety and stress in the brain.
  8. Do a bit of chewing. Probably not a good idea to chew on the furniture but a couple sticks of gum has been shown to reduce stress.
  9. Meditate. In our opinion, everybody should meditate, and its much easier than you think. Anyone can meditate by following our guides.
  10. Shut those eyes. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. You aren’t trying to fall asleep, just relax. Picture yourself in a relaxing situation, on the beach maybe. The trick is to imagine every detail, the smell, the sounds, the heat, the feeling on your skin. You can almost convince yourself that you are there if you concentrate and practice a little.
  11. Throw and catch a ball. Focus your attention on the ball and trying not to drop it. Keeps you occupied but is as annoying as anything for everyone around you!
  12. Go somewhere quiet. Its often noisy in the house when you get in. Switch the TV off and try and get away from everyone else for a while.
  13. Stretch your bones. Stand up and do a few stretches. Its amazing how you can relieve tension by just stretching. Its only when you stop that you realise the effect.
  14. Crank the music up and dance. Dancing is great exercise and everyone knows the effect exercise has on your mood.
  15. Plan a holiday. In fact plan anything, it doesn’t even have to be a holiday, it could be a night out with friends.
  16. Phone a friend. A good catch up chat can make you feel much better and gives you a connection to the outside world beyond your usual stuff.
  17. Watch some comedy. Everyone likes a good laugh. Get on comedy central or watch a good sitcom.

There are probably loads more you can think of, shout them out in the comments so we can all benefit!

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