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25 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important

Everyone loves sleep, and you can feel the effects of sleep deprivation but how important is it? And what benefits do you get from having more sleep?

Physical Benefits Why sleep is important

  1. Lowers blood pressure and lowers the risk of other cardio vascular problems.
  2. Helps with weight loss and prevents weight gain.
  3. Less/smaller bags under the eyes and generally a healthier looking appearance.
  4. Better skin. More sleep helps your body fight off skin conditions.
  5. Better immune system.
  6. More energy.
  7. Your body gets time to repair. Your body repair goes into overdrive when you are asleep.
  8. Longer life.
  9. Lower inflammation.
  10. Lessen your risk of diabetes.
  11. Lower risk of cancer.
  12. Better athleticism.

Mental Reasons Why Sleep Is Important

  1. Sleep helps the brain put all the stuff you learned today into your memory and organise your thoughts.
  2. Puts you in a better mood and fights off irritability and moodiness. We all know that feeling when every little thing annoys you.
  3. More sleep equals better concentration.
  4. Helps with anxiety problems.
  5. More sociable.
  6. Prevents depression.
  7. Sharper brain and easier to gain the ‘flow’.
  8. Reduces stress.
  9. Impact on relationships.
  10. Higher chance of addiction.
  11. Higher chance of over eating or drinking too much.
  12. Makes you more creative.
  13. Improved memory function.

But you can actually get too much sleep and end up feeling groggy and worn down. For an adult, it has been shown that the optimum amount of sleep is between 7 and 10 hours…Any more than this and you are just wasting your time!

Keep an eye out for our full series about sleep and how to get more of it!

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