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Can You Meditate?

Meditation is becoming more and more popular. The practice has been modernized with new techniques designed specifically for  modern life. Its easier than ever to use ancient meditation techniques and practices to cope with the stress and responsibilities of everyday life.

Can you meditate? YES!


Mindfulness – The Modern Zen

Mindfulness is a recent invention. It was developed to let everyday people easily get the benefits of meditation but without the years and years of practice.

Mindfulness is a great way to reduce stress and discover why you are having these feelings.



Yoga has been known for thousands of years to heal the mind, body and soul. Its become incredibly popular recently, with Youtube being swamped with course and 30-day challenges. Yoga is an amazing thing. It offers meditation and exercise in one complete package. Yoga can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be and can be tuned to all ages and abilities.

Your mind was never designed to cope with emails, texts, social media and the constant rushing around that modern life demands. Modern life is stressful, your brain hasn’t developed mechanisms to cope with all the rushing and hassles of everything us modern humans need to deal with every day.

Sometimes we all need a little help. Luckily there are techniques and ideas which people are coming up with every day to minimize the effect these stresses have on your mind. And its these that this site explores.

This isn’t a hippy retreat. We explore methods and techniques that have been proven to reduce stress and help people to cope better with every day life.

We concentrate on three techniques that have been shown to reduce stress and give better overall health.

Healthy Living Can Help…A Lot!

Its well known that looking after your body is also good for the soul. A generally healthy lifestyle has been shown to help with all sorts of ailments related to stress.
An improved diet and some exercise is a good way to kick your mind into the right frame.

Diet – Your diet is the corner stone of a healthy lifestyle. Ever heard the expression garbage in = garbage out? It makes a lot of sense ad some people believe that different foods cause different moods.

Exercise – Healthy body, healthy mind. The next obvious thing to consider is exercise. Its been known for years that exercise releases certain happy chemicals in your brain. Exercise is good for the mood, in any form.

Modern Technology – Modern tech is great…But it is causing major problems with your mental health. Social media in particular can be bad for your mood, you only see the good bits!

How Will You Find Your Zen?

Modern times can be stressful and worrying. Our ancient minds aren’t very well adapted to cope with everything that’s being thrown at them. You need new techniques to find a way to get your mind back in order and take back control of what you want to feel!

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